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Shari Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop 

JANUARY 25-26 2020 


Shari Berkowitz is a biomechanist, ergonomist, trainer and Pilates Teacher of Teachers.

The Vertical Workshop is the leading Pilates teacher education provider in the world. Founded by Shari Berkowitz in a studio space in Beverly Hills, CA, it is now an international studio—meaning it is not brick and mortar—traveling around the world as a network of education by offering workshops, intensive programs, in-person and Skype Pilates sessions, The Pilates Teacher blog and more.

Elite Intrinsic Action Technique (IAT) was created by Shari Berkowitz. Elite IAT trains you to be the most efficient and effective athlete possible. It strips away training that has taken you away from your natural efficiency and teaches you how to tap into your greatest physical abilities. Humans are among the greatest of athletes in the animal kingdom. We are the world’s long distance runners, precise throwers and truest grapplers. When we move and train the way we were “designed” to behave, our abilities increase and our injuries decrease. Elite IAT trains you to reach your physical potential, decrease the chance for injury and increase your ability for recovery.

Learn more about Shari at TheVerticalWorkshop.com.



3 PMA CECs earned per workshop

Sat., January 25
9 AM Group Class
10:30 AM-1:30 PM Workshop 1: Aspects of Touch (3 PMA CECs)
2:30 PM-5:30 PM Workshop 2: Rotated and Twisted Pelvises (3 PMA CECs)


Sun., January 26
9 AM Magic Circle Mat Class 
10:30 AM-1:30 PM Workshop 3: Enhance Your Teaching Skills (3 PMA CECs)
2:30 PM-5:30 PM Workshop 4: Focus On Your Flow (3 PMA CECs)



$600–FOUR workshop package + 2 mat classes
$550–FOUR workshop package
$300–TWO workshop package
$175–ONE workshop
$35–Group/mat class

To pay by credit card, click below. We also welcome payments by check, Venmo or Zelle. Contact us to register at workshopsattehilas@gmail.com. 

About the Workshops

Workshop 1: Aspects of Touch

Touch is a powerful word with powerful implications. We touch each other physically and emotionally all of the time. While teaching Pilates, if words aren’t enough we use our hands to touch; guiding a client in to the proper position with opposition, but there is far more to touch than simply where to put your hands. How about when to use your hands? How to use your hands? How about the remarkable personal connection you make when you touch? And how do we know when not to touch? We will discover all of the Aspects of Touch in this wonderful workshop allowing us to define boundaries and increase our abilities.



Workshop 2: Rotated and Twisted Pelvises

Whether from scoliosis or just life, everyone has a rotation of the pelvis. That rotation leads to many compensatory imbalances. Strong here, weak there…it’s no joke.   The world has told you it’s complicated. I am here to tell you that it’s not. It’s far easier to manage and rebalance than most realize. Let me teach you what you need to do and why.

Here’s what you’ll get from this workshop:
1 – You’ll understand why pelvises rotate.
2 – You’ll have a complete protocol of how to address these rotations on all apparatus.
3 – You’ll have homework to give your clients so they can continue the process between sessions.

Workshop 3: Enhance Your Teaching Skills

The more you teach, the more you need. Great Pilates doesn’t come from more and more exercises. Mr. Pilates created a set number of exercises in the classical Pilates Method. We work within those exercises. Great Pilates is about digging deeper and deeper in to the physical understanding of the Pilates Method. In this workshop, Shari will teach you to see more of what you need to cue in your teaching. We cue precision and stabilization in layers. Develop your eye and your understanding. If you do this, you will always be able to challenge your students as well as yourself for a lifetime of Pilates!


Workshop 4: Focus On
Your Flow

The key to an effective session whether a group class or a private is movement…all of the time. Whether slow or fast…we’ve got to keep our clients moving. Whatever your clients’ goals are movement is how they are going to achieve them. Yours too. You know that a lot of time is being taken up setting up your clients, telling them this or that, chatting…during those times movement is certainly not happening. Not the goal-achieving sort. Let’s work together in “Focus Your Flow” to learn the best tools for keeping your clients moving 100% of the time. It’s more fun to teach! It’s more fun to do! It’s extremely effective!