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I am an Architect in my early 60’s. I am the classic weekend warrior who works hard and plays hard.  During the work week, I spend a great deal of time at my desk on the computer, and my back feels it. Even though I have learned to self-correct, it is never enough. In addition, I have a pretty serious knee injury from my teenage football years that I have learned to live with but it requires a large sports brace that makes me look like a cyborg. My routine is to play tennis once or twice a week, bicycle in the city on weekends between ten and fifteen miles, and find some heavy yard work or other sport to do. I always intend to work out more, but life has a way of intercepting my plans, so when I do play sports or bike I am never really in great shape. Although I should mention that in my mind, I am still 25 years old.

I live in some form of pain all the time. It moves around from my knee to my lower back to my shoulder or all three depending on how intense my activities are that week. I live for my routine with Tehila because she always addresses the issue of the moment and brings my body back into alignment. In addition, she has taught me how to prepare for my favorite sports correctly so I reduce the likelihood of causing any further damage. My back and my joints in particular are grateful.

When I started Pilates with Tehila I thought it was a little too easy. I expected to be sweating profusely and really ragged out by the end. Instead, it was more cognitive. Tehila was teaching me where the deep muscles were by moving me slowly through the exercises. This allowed me to feel which muscle(s) was working while I was doing my routine.  Over time my workouts have evolved to be more challenging so now I am sweating and really feeling the “burn”.  Now I am doing it with a knowledge of how to access those muscles at any time so that I am moving with purpose and care.  I have learned a series of stretches that work specifically for my aches and pains.  I do them every morning because they are quick and effective.

People who have known me for a long time have commented that I seem taller or are standing straighter.  And I think they are right.  I always feel great after working with Tehila, and it lasts all day.  As I get older and continue to do Pilates I have become aware of two things:  1)  Know your body and your individual limits (sometimes this is very subtle) and 2)  prepare for sports properly.  Pilates addresses both.  Tehila is particularly good at correcting my posture while exercising, teaching me to breath properly, and making me respect my limits.   The goal is that I will get stronger and have more range without getting injured along the way.

This has been a wonderful experience and I continue to get stronger and more flexible as I work at it.