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I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS hypermobility type). I had an automotive accident many years ago that set off a chain of issues that left me nearly unable to walk, sit, or sleep for years. After a long rehabilitation process to help me walk better, a physical therapist at Mayo Clinic recommended I work with a Pilates instructor as my next step.   He felt I was ready for more strengthening and stability for my hip and pelvic problems after many years of prolotherapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, nerve blocks, cortisone injections and failed pain management.

Meanwhile, I began to have more serious problems affecting my upper body. I began to get cluster migraine headaches so severe that I was hospitalized after days of vomiting from pain. I could barely function at work and feared I would eventually be unable to continue working. I began to see more specialists who just kept trying different meds, but no one could explain how to stop the headaches.

I knew I needed help, but I had spent thousands on traditional and alternative medicine methods that didn’t really address the whole body and my hypermobility. I decided to see a chiropractor and a massage therapist who specialized in neuromuscular therapy to stop my headache cycle. I did a few chiro sessions, and I began to work with Keith Marks.

Keith is the best neuromuscular massage therapist I have ever worked with. After several weekly sessions focused on my neck, head, and shoulders, Keith has helped reduce my cluster migraines from daily cycles to less than one day per month. I still see Keith at least monthly, but when my headaches improved, I felt good enough to begin Pilates training with Tehila.

Tehila customizes Pilates exercises for you based on your needs and current abilities. She continues to modify my program as my needs change, and she checks in with me multiple times during each small group session to help me do the exercises better.  She is literally teaching me how to keep myself stable and strong from the toes to the pelvis to the top of my head.

I have amazed others in my local EDS support group with my progress, and I feel so much better than I have in years. I still have a very long path to achieve balanced strength and stability, and to manage pain, but I am making progress daily with the help of Tehila and Keith.