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“I’ve had scoliosis for my entire life, but for 10 years, I’ve suffered from it, causing me incredible back pain. I was worried if I would ever feel relief from the pain in my back. I went to chiropractors, physical therapists, and pain management clinics seeking relief. Nothing ever seemed to work for very long, if at all.

It was by chance that I was introduced to Pilates. My cousin’s college roommate and friend is Keith Marks. After he did some neuromuscular therapy on my back to bring me out of acute pain, he recommended his wife, Tehila, as a Pilates instructor. I had never heard of Pilates; it was never really popular in Jacksonville. Looking for any hope of relief, I began my journey with Tehila over 4 years ago.

It’s no exaggeration to say Pilates is changing my life. After months of learning the technique, my X-rays show improvements in my spine. My chiropractor asked me what I was doing differently. I was glowing when I replied, “Pilates.” Doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, and the entire medical establishment needs to understand that Pilates isn’t an exercise fad in a gym – it has the power to correct, to heal, to restore proper alignment, and make people feel whole again. In short, it’s a philosophical movement about movement!

It informs my work as a landscape designer. I am free of chronic pain, I ache less, my body moves more efficiently, I understand my body more (and because of it, I feel more connected to it). I am grateful for the method, grateful for my commitment to it, and I am grateful for Tehila. Her ability to teach Pilates (and bring her knowledge to Jacksonville) is beyond words. She sees misalignment like a hawk, explains from a place of deep knowledge and deep compassion, and, most importantly, is in love with the path of Pilates herself.

I hope my story inspires others in chronic pain from scoliosis to try Pilates.”