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When I first came to practice Pilates with Tehila I didn’t know what to expect. I was slightly intimidated as I had never done Pilates before and, let’s face it, those machines look a little scary. Tehila immediately put me at ease. Her teaching style and knowledge are a perfect blend of exactly what I needed to begin my practice. I have learned so much about not only Pilates, but also myself. I am grateful for what Tehila has taught me and carry the principles throughout all aspects of my life.
Brenda Kolb


Learning Pilates with Tehila changed the way I experience my body. Over time, with her gentle instruction, I began to be more conscious of the way I was standing, walking, running, and sitting. I became aware of inefficiencies in my movement and asymmetries in my body and began to learn to correct for those. For me, my experience in a studio with Tehila was not about fitness the way we often think of it – strenuous, sweaty activity – but it was instead about precise movements and expanded consciousness of the way I move my physical body through the world. With Pilates, my posture improved, my headaches decreased, and I saw my overall form become more streamlined, as if I’d been running, lifting weights, and doing all the other things people do in a traditional gym. I will always be grateful that I decided to take the first step to get into a studio and begin learning Pilates, and even more, I’m grateful that Tehila was the one who was there to guide me.
Amy Moore


"I’ve just started doing Pilates with Tehila a few weeks ago, and I’m already feeling the benefits. It’s both challenging and rewarding! I would recommend people who have thought about trying it…like I did… to come and see Tehila!"
Mel Jones


"Tehila is a master Pilates instructor. She has an extraordinary eye for alignment and anatomical detail. She identifies movement patterns and is able to give gentle feedback about how to gain more balance, strength, and flexibility. Whether you are a beginner looking for more core strength, advanced athlete looking for a challenge, or weekend warrior wanting to recover from an injury; when you leave a session with her you will be more than satisfied and gotten what you need. You will undoubtedly walk taller and easier. Tehila is excellent! We are lucky to have her here in Jacksonville."
Jessica Kaye


I learned more about my body in the 6 months that I was able to study with Tehila than in the 20 years that I have been practicing and studying yoga. Yoga has helped me with daily pain management, but Tehila has taught me how to safely and efficiently use my body so that I won’t hurt myself in the first place!
Joe Yorio


"Don’t let the grace and control of Pilates fool you, it is an intense and exhaustive workout; Tehila’s instruction and mindfulness of each client’s abilities makes Pilates available and rewarding for all."
Cam Betz


"Tehila Marks is an excellent Pilates instructor! As an Acupuncture Physician, I feel Pilates is a very effective tool for injury recovery and prevention. However, I would hesitate to send my patients to a Pilates class at the gym for fear of exacerbating an injury or causing more pain. However, after personally working with Tehila,  I am more than comfortable sending my patients to Tehila for Pilates instruction. I always leave my sessions at Tehila's with a relaxed mind and an energized body!"
Kendra Lay


"It was so nice to return to Pilates with Tehila after missing her for 2 years! Her studio is bigger and better than ever.  She personalizes my workout to suit my needs with an "s-curve" in my spine.  On top of having scoliosis, I'm a full-time landscape gardener and, as a result, my back and feet take a beating.  I'm able to come into practice tired and sore from my day's work, and leave stretched and rejuvenated with a bounce in my step.  The mental clarity that coincides with Pilates practice is also a major benefit.  I recommend Tehila to anyone - young or old, active or not."
Leah Fox


"My name is Rose and I am a business analyst.  My job requires that I sit most of the day. 14 years ago, I was in a car accident and I crushed my left leg.  My ankle was broken, and I now have two metal bars and 6 screws in my left leg. I was in a cast for 3 years and it took another 7 years to learn how to walk without a limp. I have tried various forms of exercise over the years to help me get stronger and nothing worked. Instructors at other places, after I explained what had happened, would tell me to get in the back and try the exercises and if hurt, stop.  Needless to say nothing worked. By the time I found Tehila last August, my toes were all crippled, and it hurt just to roll over in bed. I was not able to get up and down on the floor and my feet hurt with each step. Tehila listened and worked with me to make sure I was breathing correctly and stretching properly.  She started slowly working with me my feet and strengthening my core. By December of last year, I was able to wiggle my toes and they had started to straighten.  By January of this year, I was able to start mat work on the floor. I stand taller and walk straighter.  My family has noticed that I'm no longer in pain, and I am stronger.  Tehila is a wonderful instructor. She is kind and patient and she notices how you feel when you come to class.  These are the things she has you work on that day, she has helped make my core stronger, and I am able to stretch and exercise. I love Pilates and Tehila; she has really made a difference. I am healthier and stronger."
Rose Lindblad
Business Analyst