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Who We Are

Keith and TehilaWe are husband and wife, parents, healers, community organizers, cheerleaders for health & wellness, arts & culture lovers, and two people invested in a more positive tomorrow.

While studying for my Master’s Degree in Israel, I met Tehila dancing at a concert in the woods. I promised massage in exchange for Pilates lessons. The ruse worked, and within a year and a half, we were married. We moved back to Jacksonville to be close to my father while he battled cancer. In the meantime, we opened a healing center in the Avondale area to great success.

Life took us on an adventure to Costa Rica, and when we came back to Jacksonville, we decided to open a new studio, Tehila’s. Tehila has a full-equipment Pilates studio; I do neuromuscular massage therapy.

The studio, located in the Riverside/Avondale area situated in the Jacksonville Urban core, serves as a model of what holistic health means. We offer Pilates classes, massage, Feldenkrais classes, and a number of community enrichment classes (improv theater, percussion classes, etc.), workshops on oils, energy healing, permaculture meetings, concerts, dance performances, self-defense classes, dance parties, potlucks, Sunday Brunches, and many more opportunities to hold space for communal gathering. We’ve lost our town centers, and Tehila and I intend to recreate that with as much integrity as possible.

Our intention is to hold space in our community for wellness, education, and cultural appreciation. We invite you to connect with that vision.