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Located in the Riverside/Avondale neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, Tehila’s is a full-equipment Pilates studio specializing in rehabilitation, strengthening, exercise, and structural integration.

In addition to the Pilates studio, another focus is on neuromuscular massage therapy. This combination between manual manipulation of soft tissue with long-term exercise conditioning of the osteo, muscular, and neurological connections is a powerful tool for creating efficient movement, proper gravitational resistance, and a more stable structure.

Tehila on The Reformer

Our goal is to have a personal connection with all of our clients. No two bodies are created the same, and no two protocols for treatment are either. Each Pilates client receives a personalized program specific to their body. The 80-year-old grandmother will be given care and attention to her own plan as the 25-year-old professional basketball player to his own body.

The massage work is the same. Each client will be evaluated and a long-term treatment protocol created.