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People take their cars in for oil changes, changing filters, and making sure tires are rotated regularly. They do the same with their house, their lawns, and their stuff – they know that if they want it to last, they need to treat it with respect.

But when you ask people to carve out an hour out of their month for themselves, blank stares.

Massage therapy is more than fixing a shoulder, relieving stress from the neck, or opening up a tight hamstring. Massage sessions might just be the only hour in a person’s waking day where devices are shut off (or at least put away) and someone is able to focus in on breath and body for an uninterrupted amount of time.

Massage maintenance allows for toxins to be released (instead of building up in soft tissue), future pains to be neutralized, and for the body to enter into the “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system as opposed to the “Fight or Flight” sympathetic (read: stress). Regular massage maintenance benefits more than the soft tissues. The nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, and a host of other systems in the body get to rest.

Riverside, Avondale, Murray HIll, and Ortega are home to a number of busy, working professionals. The intensity that people put into their day, staring into a computer, dealing with stress, and general poor physical conditions in their job needs balance. It needs regular massage. Bodywork is healthy, it’s necessary, and it feels good.

People, take care of yourselves. The body houses your spirit. You only get one body. Appreciate it.



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