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I've had hundreds of massage in my life, but Keith Marks has to be one of the best therapists I've ever had work on me. His knowledge of how to prevent future pain was really helpful as well!
Grant Nielsen


"Bodywork by Keith is amazing!  I sit hunched over a lap top all day long for my job.  Regardless of periodically stretching, I've always got kinks. Keith focuses on the areas that are troubling and sometimes finds areas I didn't realize were troubling, but are contributing factors, and I walk away feeling less tension and less hunched with a sense of relief.   He's always careful to ask if the pressure is OK and making sure I'm comfortable. If you'd like a little less tension in your body, I'd certainly recommend Bodywork by Keith at Tehila's!"
Genora Crain-Orth


“Keith has a natural instinct for doing body work. He understands my challenges and methodically works to improve my quality of life. I treasure him as a co-participant in my overall health & well being.”
Larry Wilson


"There are massages. And then there is bodywork. And THEN there's Keith Marks. His expertise of the body, and how to manipulate muscle, tendon and soul to open up, receive and flow are unique only to him. One part healer, one part shaman, all parts wonderful."
Marla Quattrone


"When I wrenched my back, Keith understood the underlying cause of the injury and provided corrective treatment and helped me understand my anatomy and physiology at a much deeper level. I walked into his studio in pain and walked out feeling great; more than just a massage."
James Smith


"Keith is a skilled, effective, focused, intentional and caring practitioner.  I have experienced marked improvement in my healing as a result of my sessions with him.  I am grateful."
Josephine Jackson
Executive Director with Duval County Public Schools


"I am a professional ballroom dancer. In addition to the daily level of exercise that my career dictates, I work out 5 - 6 days a week, with cardio, yoga and weight lifting. I have known Keith and Tehila for a number of years. Last October Keith and I were able to reconnect. Due to the rigors of my craft, I felt I needed to have regular maintenance to keep my body in peak form for myself as well as for my clients. I see Keith once a week. Recently, I had a two-hour session, that was pivotal in recovering from the activity and stress of daily life. Keith has been instrumental in keeping my body, mind and spirit in check."
John Glessner