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Graduated in 2003 from Southeastern School for Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy in Jacksonville, Keith has been licensed and practicing massage for 15 years.

His primary focus is on correcting postural distortions, alleviating chronic pain, and restoring range of motion to clients.

Having lived/traveled to nearly 30 countries, Keith has dug deep into spiritual teachings of health, wellness, & consciousness. Through his travels, he has studied with a number of Ayurvedic, Thai, Zen, Tibetan, and other teachers.

His ability to connect on a personal level, communicate his intention, and work with a massage client are what make Keith a unique healer. He believes strongly in working as quickly and as deeply as a client’s body will allow, empowering the person receiving the bodywork to communicate about how the work affects him/her.

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License Number: MA 38789