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Class Descriptions

Pilates Mat: In this class we will work on the fundamentals of Pilates, with a focus on body awareness, form, and safe alignment. All fitness levels are welcome, and the work can easily be modified to suit individual needs. Just let us know!

Somatic Practice: This class clients will work through a series of mind-body exercises centered around slow meticulous movement, cognitive connections, and dance. This class is a great way to slow down and connect your mind-body practice or soma (somatics). Each class will include themes around these connections through various modes of somatic tasks with a focus on supporting wellbeing. This class is great for anyone and is open to all.

Group Apparatus: This in-studio Pilates class. students will work individually on the Pilates Apparatus under the guidance of the teacher. You will use the Reformer, Cadillac, Pliates Wunda Chair, High Barrel, and some more of Joseph Pilates inventions. While working you will improve your strength, length, and control.

Healthy Spine: The spine is the source of all movement. In this class, you will learn how to lengthen and strengthen the spine through gentle exercises that create space and suppleness. If you are looking to improve spinal mobility, improve your breathing, improve spinal alignment this class will help you achieve spinal freedom. (This class is for all levels regardless of injury, but please consult Glenn prior to sign up if you have any concerns).