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“Twenty years ago, I was in a car accident that shattered my left leg and dislocated and broke my ankle in several places  The attending physician did not really want to save my foot as there was nothing to connect it to. Plates, long screws. three years in a cast,  learning to walk again without a limp (10 long years).  To look at me you would have never known what I had gone through, and you would not know the pain I felt with every step I took, every time I sat down or stood up.  Some days were better than others. I refused to take pain medication as all it did was mask the pain.

After the accident, I could no longer jog or dance which are two things I used to do for exercise. So I tried going to the gym and a yoga class. After explaining what I had gone through, the instructors would say if I couldn’t keep up just tweak the exercise or pose until it does not hurt. The problem was I did not know how to tweak it correctly, so I was always hurting myself. I also sing which requires a lot of standing, which is hard to do when you’re in constant pain.

About two years ago, I was getting to the point where it hurt to roll over in bed. The pain in my hip and leg made it almost impossible to roll on my side and standing was getting more difficult. A friend at work suggested that I try Pilates. I explained my issues and the problems I had with other instructors, and he said I promise you Tehila is not like that – she will help and guide you.

I was skeptical, but I gave it a try. I was amazed with my results.  When I started two years ago, I could not get up and down off the floor without assistance. I could barely climb onto the Cadillac, and my toes were all twisted up.  Tehila told me when I started that she would help me. Every class she asks how I was and how I felt. She worked with me to improve my routines, and I began to get stronger. The pain became less and less as each month passed. Within five months, I was able to get up and down off the floor without assistance to do my mat routine.  My toes are straighter, and I can wiggle them which is something I was not able to do before.  I am now able to get up and down on the Cadillac and do roll downs on the box.  And to my amazement, I can even stand on one leg.  My balance has improved – so has my strength.  I stand straighter, walk better and feel better. My orthopedic surgeon was glad that I started doing Pilates, and he said that he wished all of his patients would try it.  The best thing is that I am no longer in pain.

Tehila’s classes are small and everyone works at their own pace.  I wish I had found her many years ago.  The best way to describe what Tehila has done for is to borrow a quote from a classmate of mine about Tehila – “She sees misalignment like a hawk, explains from a place of deep knowledge and deep compassion, and, most importantly, is in love with the path of Pilates herself. “

I hope my testimonial helps others.”