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Temporary COVID-19 Guidelines for Training

  1. 1. The trainer will wear a mask during your training session. We promise they are still smiling and happy to see you even if you can’t see their expressions.
  2. 2. The bathroom will be sanitized daily and products are available if you need them if you plan to use the bathroom.
  3. 3. The trainer will be unable to adjust equipment that you are occupying or make hands-on corrections, but they will give detailed instructions during your session.
  4. 4. The trainer will keep a 6-foot distance during your training session unless you chose to wear a mask. This will allow the trainer to be in closer proximity for equipment changes and verbal cueing. Although we care about you and would prefer touch for corrections this is the safest plan for everyone.
  5. 5. Hand sanitizer and handwashing are available and encouraged before and after your training session.
  1. 6. We will use medical-grade sanitation wipes and cleaning times after each session for the equipment used.
  2. 7. Sessions will be with only one trainer in the space and time between clients will be allotted for cleaning.
  3. 8. Group sessions will include only one apparatus and 6 plus feet of distance between machines so that clients are not in contact with each other. It is encouraged during group sessions that everyone wears a mask.
  4. 9. When you arrive please wait in your car and your trainer will let you know when it is good to come in the studio by waving you in from your car with a smile and hello.
  5. 10. We will require a signature for a new waiver prior to your first session back. This is to make sure we are all on the same page and ready to get you feeling and looking great.