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It’s been nearly two months since opening the doors at Tehila’s, and it’s been an incredible ride, thus far.  The support, the events, workshops, meetings, parties, and conversations…..

The joy of coming back to teaching after two years of not being able to practice Pilates is overwhelming. One new client said to me the other day, “You must love your job, you get to make people feel so good.”  Yes, Pattie, I love it! I could not imagine myself doing anything else.

Two years ago, I experienced a big loss, I could feel on my body how the pain took me down, emotionally, physically, mentally. I lost my daily practice and routines; I lost my balance and strength while still nursing my little one and traveling, I lost it all… all the strength, flexibility, and grace I had. My body started aching.

Tehila's Pilates

Luckily, I have the most wonderful support and love around me, I got it all back together, went back to my practice, my exercises, my morning routine, I got my emotional and physical balance back. But when I got the equipment on August 1st, I got my strength back, I was experiencing once again this amazing feeling of finding new muscles, feeling a deeper engagement of the deep muscles, and so much relief from pain, my body is able to carry itself without gravity pulling me down.  A lot of former students who are coming back are also telling me similar stories of regained vitality; which makes me glow!

But teaching Pilates gives me another level of pleasure from this wonderful method. I can really help people. I love to see how people come from their day with stress or sadness and leave the studio with a smile; helping people relieve their pain is the best.