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Keith, Tehila, TahgelWhile I see this blog as being a home for Pilates-related posts, my husband, Keith, wrote this, and I felt that it was a nice way of starting the blog.  This has been an incredible journey for all three of us (with our son, Tahgel).  The strength we’ve built as a family is the only reason we have been able to make it this far.

New Beginnings

Two years ago, almost to the day our lives changed drastically.  We had been part of something special, a community center focused on being a catalyst for positive change and community connection disappeared in a day.  Tehila, not having roots as deep as mine in Northeast Florida, looked at me and said where do we go?

We walked away from the community we helped create.  I left PB&J, No Meat March, and Dig Foods;  all projects I felt strongly about, all having a hand in creating a more conscious community.  The magic was gone.  We left for Costa Rica, a bizarre, beautiful backdrop for our heartache.  Traveling with little money, with little to no direction, searching for a new home, searching for a new meaning.  It was difficult to communicate with Jacksonville; difficult to think about it.

After a few months of wandering in paradise, we took stock to what we wanted to do with our lives.  “I want to teach Pilates,” said Tehila.  “I don’t know what I want to do, but I want it to involve people, events, education, and I never want one day to look like the last,” I said…..Everything we were doing before we left Jacksonville.  What to do?

We returned to Jacksonville.  It took a lot longer for us to find stable ground.  I took my first ever office job.  Tehila took a job at Academie de Montessori (for which we cannot say thank you enough to Mary Saltmarsh for that opportunity).  After 6 months at her teaching position, Tehila realized that while she enjoyed having the opportunity to teach, she wasn’t living her highest purpose: teaching Pilates.

Enter Kristi Lee Schatz and the Peaceful Living Center.  She knew our passion, and when she decided to leave her amazing center, she asked us if we were interested in taking over the space.  As most who read this know, we begin that journey on August 1st.  Tehila will teach Pilates.  I will have a venue for my massage work, my events, and whatever crazy notion that pops into my head.

We will have an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and provide a space for community to interact.  As ever our guiding principle, Tehila’s (the new name of the space) will be one of community, education, and holistic health.  We aren’t sure of the final destination with the studio; the real fun is in the journey.