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Tehila’s Story

Sometimes, it is the everyday things we do that make a deep impact on the directions of our lives.  I lived in Tel Aviv, Israel, and rode my bike over an hour to an advanced Pilates training.  The ride, when I first began, took me over an hour.  As I began to apply the knowledge of Pilates to my bike ride, I kept seeing dramatic decreases in the time it took me to get to my studio.  In addition, as my time decreased, the effort and energy it took, similarly, decreased (By the end of my training, the ride took less than 30 minutes!).

It was at this moment I had an awakening.  I wasn’t just learning how to teach a workout.  I was teaching people to use their bodies more effectively, more efficiently, more gracefully, more as an instrument.  Pilates means more to me than just exercises; it is a method of gaining awareness, of being more present, and finding grace in life.

Pilates is my passion.


Born in Jerusalem, my life was affected by the pains of political strife.  As a child, I used to study ballet, but it became too dangerous for my father to drive me to class when the first intifada broke out.  Sadly, I was never able to pursue my dreams of a dancer.  Being in love with the body and its movement, I eventually found Pilates.

During my studies at Tel Aviv University, where I studied classical art, I was introduced to Dror-Raz Pilates School.  Situated in the same building as a number of internationally-famous dance companies (such as Bat-Sheva and Inbal), it was the perfect place to begin my studies.  Here, I learned to teach mat Pilates, anatomy, and physiology. I loved teaching, but I wanted more knowledge. I studied with one of the premiere Pilates instructors in Israel, Tamar Tsachi, student of Deborah Lessen, at Studio Tamar.  Here, I learned the full Pilates apparatus repertoire, incorporating the Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, High Barrel, and other props.

TehilaAfter my training, I began teaching at a number of studios in Tel Aviv, as well as seeing clients in their homes. My clients were professional dancers, Triathletes, and people who had suffered from pain either through injury or chronic misuse of their body.  I managed a studio, saw clients all over the city, and, eventually, opened my own home studio.

Since arriving in Jacksonville from Israel in 2010, I have been fortunate to be a part of the healing community in Jacksonville, specializing in helping people to gain better awareness of their bodies through Certified Pilates instruction, correct body mechanics and alignment and improve overall physical ability and form. I also specialize in rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

When I teach, I like to design the practice session and the program to suit the individual needs of each student, while still giving a whole-body workout. I have also trained as a Child Birth Educator, studied to be a Doula, and teach prenatal and postnatal Pilates.